BlueInGreen Announces New Installations in Ohio and North Dakota

Water treatment company continues rapid growth with aeration and pH adjustment solutions

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. (October 27, 2015) - Officials at BlueInGreen, LLC announced the water treatment company’s two latest installations Tuesday, bringing the world’s most efficient gas dissolution technology to the cities of Bellville, Ohio and Bismarck, ND.

BlueInGreen’s award-winning SDOX® solution will provide adaptable aeration for the Village of Bellville in order to increase and maintain dissolved oxygen levels throughout the city’s wastewater treatment plant. With the introduction of the SDOX system, the facility is now able to effectively treat up to 330,000 gallons of wastewater per day.

Unlike conventional technologies, BlueInGreen’s efficient sidestream method is capable of oxygenating plant flows from three separate injection sites: the primary equalization tanks, the aerobic digester and the rotating biological contractors. This innovative design is expected to improve plant efficiency, reduce power consumption and decrease operational costs for years to come.

“No other system on the market is capable of treating three sites using a single piece of equipment,” said BlueInGreen Senior Vice President Chris Milligan. “We don’t believe operators should have to adapt to new technology. Truly groundbreaking technologies, like our solutions at BlueInGreen, adapt to the operator instead.”

Additionally, the City of Bismarck installed BlueInGreen’s CDOX® solution for precise pH adjustment to assist in its facility expansion project last May. Featuring two parallel treatment trains, the plant introduced twin CDOX units, each capable of delivering up to 300 pounds of dissolved carbon dioxide per hour to provide recarbonation for the city’s drinking water.

The dual CDOX systems – designed to assist in the facility’s lime softening process – offer operators unparalleled treatment control while effectively stabilizing pH for Bismarck’s water supply. BlueInGreen’s technology is automatically paced based on plant flow rates. This highly efficient, industry-leading capability is expected to lower carbon dioxide usage as well as power and maintenance costs while treating up to 30 million gallons of water per day.

The two latest SDOX and CDOX installations add to a landmark year for BlueInGreen, which has seen an unprecedented number of sales, orders and installations since 2014. The increased demand has led the company to expand its engineering team, manufacturing department and sales network in recent months.

“No matter the size of our company or the number of installations we have, our goal at BlueInGreen will remain the same,” said President John Kucharik. “We empower those responsible for managing our most valuable shared resource – water.”

BlueInGreen, LLC is a water treatment company that provides the world’s most efficient method of delivering dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone into water. The company has four flagship solutions: the SDOX – for adaptable aeration, the CDOX – for precise pH adjustment, the HyDOZ® – for dependable disinfection, and the SDOX-CS® – for optimized odor control. For additional information, visit