BlueInGreen Expands Into Canada, Signs Representative Agreement with H2Flow Equipment Inc.

H2Flow to represent BlueInGreen products in Ontario and Quebec

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (September 16, 2014) - BlueInGreen®, a water quality company offering the world’s most efficient method for delivering dissolved gases into liquids, announced the addition of H2Flow Equipment a manufacturer’s representative firm to its sales network. H2Flow will promote BlueInGreen’s gas dissolution products for municipal water and wastewater applications in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

H2Flow was founded in 1992 and serves Quebec and Ontario markets for water, wastewater equipment, and industrial process. Their offices are located in Concord, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

The firm will represent the following BlueInGreen products: SDOX® – supersaturated dissolved oxygen, SDOX-CS® – supersaturated dissolved oxygen for sewer collection systems, CDOX® – supersaturated dissolved carbon dioxide for pH adjustment, and HyDOZ® – supersaturated dissolved ozone for water/wastewater disinfection.

“We are very pleased to have H2Flow be the first international manufacturer’s representative for BlueInGreen,” said Clete Brewer, CEO of BlueInGreen. “This begins our Canadian sales initiative and we intend to add other representatives in other provinces over the next 12-18 months. Ontario and Quebec Provinces have the largest populations in Canada and offer the most reward from a business perspective. H2Flow is a leader in these areas, and we are proud to have them represent our product offerings.”

Michael Albanese, Owner of H2Flow stated, “BlueInGreen has an innovative product. We believe that this new technology will reap big rewards for our customers and, in turn, for us. Our sales network is excited about the addition of the BlueInGreen product line to our great line-up of products, and we are already pursuing several new business opportunities.”

BlueInGreen, LLC is a water treatment technology company established to develop and sell solutions for improving water quality. The Company’s four main product lines leverage the same core gas dissolution technology to provide highly efficient solutions for delivering dissolved gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ozone) into water. The products are utilized in a host of municipal, industrial, and ecological water treatment processes. Product applications range from biological oxygenation and reaeration (SDOX®), odor and corrosion control with oxygen (SDOX-CS®), recarbonation (CDOX®) to disinfection (HyDOZ®). BlueInGreen is actively addressing the global clean water supply and quality crisis by providing disruptive and innovative products for improving water quality at lower cost and higher efficiency. BlueInGreen® is a VIC Technology Venture Development™ portfolio company. For additional information, please visit