BlueInGreen Solidifies Representation in Two Key States: Virginia and Texas

HRM Environmental and Kappe Associates Inc. join company's network of U.S. municipal representatives

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (February 23, 2015) - BlueInGreen, LLC, provider of the world’s most efficient method for dissolving gases into water, has strengthened its representation in two key states, Virginia and Texas. BlueInGreen signed agreements with HRM Environmental (HRM) for representation in Texas, and Kappe Associates Inc. (Kappe) to represent BlueInGreen in Virginia. Both Texas and Virginia have large economies and lots of business potential. The United States Bureau of Economic Analysis ranks states by gross state product and Texas comes in number two and Virginia at number eleven.

BlueInGreen has been represented in these states in the past but has had moderate success in both areas. Clete Brewer, CEO of BlueInGreen, stated “Our goal is to get our innovative technology to become the standard in water and wastewater treatment in the United States. In order to accomplish that goal, we need to be successful in Texas and Virginia. We believe aligning ourselves with HRM and Kappe places us in an excellent position in these two markets.”

HRM Environmental has represented BlueInGreen in the northern half of Texas since 2012. Their territory has been enlarged so that it encompasses the entire state of Texas. HRM has offices and manufacturer’s sales representatives in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Vance Clement, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BlueInGreen said, “HRM has been a source of many leads since the inception of our relationship, and we have several active projects in the bidding process with them currently in the northern half of Texas. We know that giving them the rest of the state will only grow our business.” Mike Bailey, PE and partner at HRM, said, “We have a great relationship with BlueInGreen and are pleased to now represent their products throughout Texas. Our experienced sales team has great coverage throughout the state and we expect great opportunities to continue to develop through this partnership.” Additional information on HRM can be found online at or by calling 972-758-5355.

Kappe was established in 1946 with corporate headquarters in Frederick, MD. The company maintains sales personnel in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, but will represent BlueInGreen only in the state of Virginia with three manufacturer’s sales representatives. Chad Fenstemaker, President of Kappe, said, “Kappe has been in the water and wastewater business for 68 years. When we first saw the BlueInGreen technology, we immediately liked it, saw its potential and know that there are many applications for it in Virginia.” More information on Kappe can be found at, by emailing info(at)kappe-inc(dot)com, or by calling 301-346-0220.

BlueInGreen, LLC is a water treatment technology company established to develop and sell solutions for improving water quality. The Company’s four main product lines leverage the same core gas dissolution technology to provide highly efficient solutions for delivering dissolved gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ozone) into water. The products are utilized in a host of municipal, industrial, and ecological water treatment processes. Product applications range from biological oxygenation and reaeration (SDOX®), odor and corrosion control with oxygen (SDOX-CS®), recarbonation (CDOX®) to disinfection (HyDOZ®). BlueInGreen is actively addressing the global clean water supply and quality crisis by providing disruptive and innovative products for improving water quality at lower cost and higher efficiency. BlueInGreen® is a portfolio company of VIC Technology Venture Development™and NewRoad Ventures™. For additional information, please visit