BlueInGreen Unveils New Branding

Water treatment company matches innovative technology with modern look

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. (June 18, 2015) - BlueInGreen® revealed a new brand identity Thursday. The company-wide redesign includes new logos, updated marketing materials as well as a completely reconstructed website.

Like the water treatment company’s efficient and innovative technology, the minimalistic look blends classic styling with modern functionality, drawing inspiration from BlueInGreen’s origins.

“Our website is not only more functional for clients and sales representatives,” said Chris Milligan, Vice President of Operations. “It also looks like nothing else in the industry. We approach water treatment from a unique perspective, so it only makes sense we have a unique look too.”

BlueInGreen, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2014, has grown significantly in recent years, expanding its sales network throughout the United States and Canada while also developing four flagship product lines: the SDOX® – for adaptable aeration, the CDOX® – for precise pH adjustment, the HyDOZ® – for dependable disinfection, and the SDOX-CS® – for optimized odor control.

“From the beginning, we have leveraged age-old principles with state-of-the-art technology,” President John Kucharik said. “Similarly, this new branding pays tribute to BlueInGreen’s past, while also marking a significant milestone in the evolution of our company.”

BlueInGreen, LLC is a water treatment company that provides the world’s most efficient method of delivering dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone into water. For additional information, please visit