Built In the Natural State.

BlueInGreen was established with one goal in mind: to provide effective solutions for improving and maintaining water quality at the lowest possible cost.

BlueInGreen History 2004

2004BlueInGreen is co-founded by two University of Arkansas professors and VIC Technology Venture Development. Together, they would merge Henry's Law with modern technology in order to more efficiently dissolve gases into liquids.

BlueInGreen Grants 2009

2004 – 2009. The company receives numerous research grants to further develop its technology, gathering data and patenting products along the way.

BlueInGreen WEFTEC Innovative Technology Award 2010

2010 – 2012. BlueInGreen receives the WEF Innovative Technology Award and develops three additional product lines designed to treat water and wastewater in a variety of ways.

BlueInGreen Growth 2015

2012 – 2015. Named the Grand Prize Winner at the 2015 GCCA Later Stage Awards, BlueInGreen continues to grow and evolve as a company, protecting the water we all share each and every day.