Protect YOUR wATER FROM sUBSTANCES You Can See - And Others you can't.

Built on proven BlueInGreen gas dissolution technology, the HyDOZ offers unparalleled advantages for ozonation of water and wastewater. Whether eliminating DBP issues or minimizing the discharge of emerging contaminants, the HyDOZ excels.

When you think dependable disinfection, think HyDOZ.


Applications Include:

•  Water Treatment

•  Wastewater Disinfection

•  Sludge Treatment

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Our innovative technology is field-tested and operator-approved. Read the HyDOZ success stories here.

Reduce (Or Eliminate) Basins

Don’t build a basin if you don’t have to. With high ozone concentrations and the ability for end-of-pipe treatment, the HyDOZ reduces (and in some cases, eliminates) the need for costly basins, which saves you money.


Recovery Line

Oxygen is a terrible thing to waste. Only the HyDOZ has an oxygen recovery line, which captures as much at 65% of the undissolved oxygen for other oxygen requirements in the facility, further reducing operational costs.


Complete Solution

We directly partner with oxygen storage and generator providers as well as ozone generator companies to provide a complete ozone delivery system. When you get a HyDOZ, you get an optimized treatment system.


Fewer DBP's

Meet the future of water treatment: ozone. Ozone can eliminate chlorine use in primary disinfection. It also decreases the amount of organics, which reduces the amount of THM or HAA formed from secondary disinfection.


Adjustable Efficiency

While the HyDOZ can provide up to 99% transfer efficiency, that’s not always the most economical solution for you. Power, gas and water requirements also factor into the lifetime costs of a system. We consider the total project cost, not just efficiency, to give you a BIG solution.

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