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BlueInGreen has saved the lives of millions of fish and other aquatic life by promoting an aerobic, nutrient-rich environment while also limiting or preventing harmful conditions, such as seasonal algae blooms.

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Food + Beverage

From ingredient water to process water to wastewater, we ensure food safety, taste quality and regulatory compliance with food and beverage applications.

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Golf + Resorts

Golf courses and resorts require extensive water to maintain aesthetics. We can keep your property looking good and operating efficiently no matter the time of year.



We partner with private companies to deliver custom-designed water treatment systems to their facilities. From meeting quality specifications to saving on operational costs, we have a solution for you.



We help municipalities across the country overcome treatment challenges caused by changes in population, weather as well as environmental regulations.

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Pulp + Paper

The pulp and paper industry uses large amounts of water (pulp preparation and bleaching water, boiler feed water and cooling system water) and subsequently has to treat significant volumes of wastewater and sludge.