Jefferson Parish Installs BlueInGreen's Innovative Odor Control Technology

Revolutionary SDOX-CS® system will sanitize wastewater while saving the city millions

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. (October 28, 2015) - Officials at BlueInGreen, LLC announced the water treatment company’s latest SDOX-CS® installation Wednesday, bringing the world’s most efficient gas dissolution technology to the Jefferson Parish Department of Public Works in Louisiana. The dual SDOX-CS units will work simultaneously to prevent odor and corrosion issues within the city’s wastewater collection system feeding at the East Bank Wastewater Treatment Plant.

While conventional water treatment technologies use harsh chemicals to mask odor-causing compounds, BlueInGreen’s SDOX-CS implements dissolved oxygen to prevent the compounds from forming altogether. The technology also features an industry-leading turndown capability, allowing operators to pace power usage based on plant needs. By eliminating chemical costs and reducing power consumption, the facility is expected to save up to $2.6 million throughout the life of the system.

“When facilities use chemical-based treatment processes, they are essentially pouring money down the drain,” said BlueInGreen Senior Vice President Chris Milligan. “By replacing chemicals with oxygen, operators no longer have to worry about handling and storing these hazardous substances at their facility. It’s better for the operators, and it’s better for the environment too.”

The SDOX-CS 600, capable of delivering up to 4,278 pounds of dissolved oxygen per day, and the SDOX-CS 1000, capable of delivering up to 7,535 pounds of dissolved oxygen per day, will begin startup later in 2015. By using less water, power and chemicals than conventional systems, the tandem SDOX-CS units will provide more effective odor and corrosion control at a fraction of the cost.

“BlueInGreen worked with our consultants for over three years developing and crafting an innovative solution for our odor and corrosion issues,” said Linda Daly, Director of the Jefferson Parish Sewerage Department. “From installing the skid to constructing the sound enclosure, their team of engineers was there to help every step of the way to guarantee our system delivered exactly what we needed.”

Because of the system’s proximity to residential areas, department officials worked to ensure the oxygen generators could provide nonstop treatment without causing nearby noise complaints. With the help of the University of New Orleans Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and assistance from Digital Engineering, headquartered in Kenner, LA, BlueInGreen outlined a volume control strategy and designed a custom sound enclosure to house the system, keeping the generators operating at a discreet 65-dBA level.

“At BlueInGreen, we don’t want to provide you with just any solution. We want to provide you with your specific solution,” said President John Kucharik. “Whether that process takes three months or three years, we won’t stop until you’re able to treat your water your way.”

BlueInGreen, LLC is a water treatment company that provides the world’s most efficient method of delivering dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and ozone into water. The company has four flagship product lines: the SDOX® – for adaptable aeration, the CDOX® – for precise pH adjustment, the HyDOZ® – for dependable disinfection, and the SDOX-CS – for optimized odor control. For additional information, visit