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A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Collection System.

Combat odor and corrosion problems in your collection system with BlueInGreen technology. Designed to eliminate sulfide production by promoting an aerobic environment, our odor control solutions offer an effective alternative to chemical treatment in force main and gravity sewers. 

Applications Include: 

  • H2S Reduction
  • Dissolved Sulfide Removal
  • Corrosion Control
  • Chemical Replacement



Greater control and precision with a lower life-cycle cost.



Greater control and precision with a lower life-cycle cost.

BlueInGreen’s team of engineers was there to help every step of the way to guarantee our system delivered exactly what we needed.
— SDOX-CS® Owner | Louisiana


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Breathe Easy

Our technology is a breath of fresh air. While many competitors only mask or absorb hydrogen sulfide, BIG prevents odor and corrosion-causing gases altogether. They treat the symptom. We solve the problem.

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No Deliveries

When combined with an oxygen generation system, BIG can help eliminate the delivery of potentially harmful chemicals. That means less traffic, fewer risks at your worksite and fewer expenses on your budget.

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Lowest Cost

Wasting money stinks, but your wastewater doesn’t have to. With a smaller footprint and flow rate, BIG provides savings on installation. Plus, the system’s power turndown reduces your overall operational costs each and every day.

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Proud Partnership

With BIG, you’re in good company. We directly partner with multiple oxygen generator manufacturers as well as gas storage and feed providers to offer a fluid, streamlined purchasing process.

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End Chemical Dependency

Stop wasting money on chemicals, and start saving with dissolved oxygen. Compared to conventional odor treatment, our solutions can save up to 50% each year by eliminating costly chemicals.

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Forcemain or Gravity

BIG goes with the flow. Whether your odor problems exist within a gravity line or inside a forcemain system, our solutions can be designed to provide sufficient oxygen to minimize sulfide formation.

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Single-Source Responsibility

We don’t sell parts. We provide solutions. Each BIG unit is fully integrated and skid-mounted, so you know exactly who is responsible for your water treatment. 

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Quality Guaranteed

We stand behind our technology. Every unit is factory-tested by our expert team of engineers at our U.S. manufacturing facility to ensure your equipment works both before and after it’s installed.


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Jefferson Parish Prevents Odor and Corrosion Issues with SDOX-CS® | Louisiana

Looking for a long-term solution for the odor and corrosion issues throughout the East Bank Wastewater Treatment Plant, officials at the Jefferson Parish Sewerage Department installed BlueInGreen's SDOX-CS®. The oxygen dissolution system successfully prevented odor and corrosion-causing compounds, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), while simultaneously operating at a discreet 65-dBA level to avoid noise complaints from nearby residents. Because of the SDOX-CS® system’s turndown capability, the facility is projected to see a total power savings up to $2.6 million throughout the life of the system.

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Sustainably Eliminating Collection System Odors with Oxygen | Arkansas

The City of Rogers, Arkansas and BlueInGreen partnered to study the effects of dissolved oxygen on hydrogen sulfide (H2S) reduction within the city’s sewer collection system. The study focused on a particular stretch of the gravity interceptor which runs along an area known as Turtle Creek. After gathering the data, the SDOX-CS clearly demonstrated the reduction of hydrogen sulfide through oxygenation and promoted aerobic conditions throughout the collection system.

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SDOX-CS Extends Expected System Lifespan | Texas

After spending nearly $50 million annually due to corrosion issues, the City of Houston partnered with BlueInGreen to pilot the SDOX-CS system to show the effects of dissolved oxygen (DO) on hydrogen sulfide (H2S) reduction within a bypass system. The data gathered showed an average biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) reduction of 20 percent with a corresponding 8 percent decrease in COD, demonstrating the SDOX-CS solution's ability to reduce loadings and increase the expected system lifespan.



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