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Remove substances you can see - and others you can't.

Built on proven BlueInGreen gas dissolution technology, our solutions offer unparalleled advantages for ozonation of water and wastewater. Whether eliminating DBP issues or minimizing the discharge of emerging contaminants, BIG excels.

Applications Include: 

  • Dependable Disinfection
  • Taste + Odor Control
  • Advanced Oxidation (AOP)
  • Sludge Reduction



Greater control and precision with a lower life-cycle cost. 



Industry-leading efficiency at a lower upfront cost.

We are prepared for the future.
— HyDOZ Owner® | Arkansas

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Adjustable Efficiency

While we can provide up to 99% transfer efficiency, that’s not always the most economical solution for you. Power, gas and water requirements also factor into the lifetime costs of a system. We consider the total project cost, not just efficiency, to give you a BIG solution. 

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Fewer DBPs

Meet the future of water treatment: ozone. Ozone can eliminate chlorine use in primary disinfection. It also decreases the amount of organics, which reduces the amount of THM or HAA formed from secondary disinfection.

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Flexible Solution

No matter where your water is, we can treat it. BIG can deliver dissolved ozone wherever your system calls for it: pipes, tanks, basins, channels. You name it. 

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Proud Partnership

With BIG, you’re in good company. We directly partner with multiple ozone generation providers to offer an optimized solution and fluid, streamlined purchasing process. 

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Dissolution Experts

With over 10 years of experience, BIG employs a team of industry-leading designers, engineers and technicians. We are the gas dissolution experts, and we can prove it. 

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Quality Guaranteed

We stand behind our technology. Every unit is factory-tested by our expert team of engineers at our U.S. manufacturing facility to ensure your equipment works both before and after it’s installed. 

Oxygen Recovery Line-01.jpg

Recovery Line

Oxygen is a terrible thing to waste. Only BIG has an oxygen recovery line, which automatically captures as much as 65% of the undissolved oxygen for other oxygen requirements in the facility, further reducing operational costs.

Single-Source Responsibility-01.jpg

Single-Source Responsibility

We don’t sell parts. We provide solutions. Each BlueInGreen unit is fully integrated and skid-mounted, so you know exactly who is responsible for your water treatment. 


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City of Fayetteville Replaces UV Treatment System with HyDOZ® | Arkansas

City officials at the Paul R. Noland Water Resource Recovery Facility, a 12-MGD wastewater plant in Arkansas, began evaluating disinfection alternatives to upgrade their current system as well as address the removal of contaminants of emerging concern (CEC). The facility, which included primary clarification, activated sludge, secondary clarification and sand filtration, elected to replace its current UV system with BlueInGreen's HyDOZ solution. The HyDOZ successfully reduced fecal coliforms to well below plant effluent permit levels and demonstrated an average 82% removal of emerging contaminants.

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HyDOZ® Offers Facility Flexible, Automated Treatment | Arkansas

Planning and design began on the expansion project at Clarksville Light & Water (CLW). The $10 million dollar design-build expansion would allow the plant to increase the maximum output capacity from 12 to 16 million gallons per day, with key components designed to meet the future 24 mgd plant capacity to accommodate growth of the region. After installing BlueInGreen's HyDOZ® solution, CLW was able to effectively treat 16 MGD using BlueInGreen’s automated ozone dissolution from laptops, cell phones and tablets – giving a relatively small staff much-needed flexibility in treatment. When the facility eventually expands, the same HyDOZ unit will already be equipped to treat 24 MGD, whether the operators are on site or not.



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