Give your collection system a breath of fresh air.

Combat odor and corrosion problems in your collection system with the SDOX-CS. Designed to eliminate sulfide production by promoting an aerobic environment, the SDOX-CS offers a new alternative to chemical treatment in forcemain and gravity sewers.

When you think optimized odor control, think SDOX-CS.


Applications Include:

 Odor Control

 Corrosion Control

 High Solids Aeration

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Our innovative technology is field-tested and operator-approved. Read the SDOX-CS success stories here.

Breathe Easy

Our technology is a breath of fresh air. While competitors only mask or absorb hydrogen sulfide, the SDOX-CS prevents odor and corrosion-causing gases altogether. They treat the symptom. We solve the problem. 


End Chemical Dependency

Stop wasting money on chemicals, and start saving with dissolved oxygen. Compared to conventional odor treatment, the SDOX-CS has saved up to 50% each year by eliminating costly chemicals.


Forcemain or Gravity

The SDOX-CS goes with the flow. Whether your odor problems exist within a gravity line or inside a forcemain system, the SDOX-CS can be designed to provide sufficient oxygen to minimize sulfide formation. 


No Deliveries

When combined with an oxygen generation system, the SDOX-CS can help eliminate the delivery of potentially harmful chemicals. That means fewer risks at your worksite and fewer expenses on your budget.


Lowest Cost

Wasting money stinks, but your wastewater doesn’t have to. With a smaller footprint and flow rate, the SDOX-CS provides savings on installation. Plus, the system’s power turndown reduces your overall operational costs each and every day.

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